Monday, March 26, 2012

A Different Kind of Family Vacation

When a family goes on a vacation, chances of them staying in a hotel are common. Popular vacation destinations such as San Francisco, Chicago and New York all have numerous hotels for you to stay at. Each of these popular cities will have hotels that vary in price and quality, but what about going on a vacation that takes you to all three cities? A train tour is a great way to visit many popular vacation destinations at once! America by Rail puts on train tours throughout the United States and Canada. The America from Coast to Coast tour will visit San Francisco, Chicago, New York and New Orleans too! Not interested in visiting those four cities, but like the idea of a train tour? America by Rail has a variety of other train tours that stop at different destinations! They have train tours that stay on the east coast, tours that stay on the west coast and tours that go coast to coast. America by Rail also has train tours that take you through Canada and Alaska. With all of the options America by Rail offers, there is bound to be a rail vacation that stops at destinations you are interested in visiting! If you are interested in changing your normal family vacation and visiting a lot of cities, check out all the train tours America by Rail has to offer here